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PDR®3D™ — Drug Label Database

An Advanced Drug Label (Prescribing Information) Reference Tool
PDR3D is a new generation digital reference tool. Pairing a full universe of more than 100,000 human drug labels — including branded and generic prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, homeopathic drugs/herbal medicines, and more, with advanced search capabilities. PDR3D helps users quickly and easily find the information they need for label development, regulatory, legal, and marketing purposes.

PDR3D: An Introduction
View this video to learn more about our innovative reference platform.

PDR3D pairs a comprehensive label database with intuitive search tools to provide quick access to business-critical information. Key platform features include:
  • Robust Search: Search using a single word or build a multi-dimensional search leveraging up to 7 categories and 90+ different search parameters
  • Convenient Navigation: Use intuitively-designed interface to easily find specific label information
  • Daily Updates: Track updates or additions at a glance, then click for more detailed information
  • Label Tracking: Stay up to date with automatic alerts on changes to the labels important to you
  • Label Compare: Select and review different labels digitally side-by-side
  • Export Results: Save and share search results by exporting data to Excel
PDR3D is the only digital reference database from the publishers of the Physicians' Desk Reference® — the industry's most trusted resource for essential prescribing and labeling information. PDR3D is a product of PDR Network, LLC in collaboration with Reed Technology and Information Services Inc.

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